Gifts for Travelers


Looking for a gift for the wonderluster in your life?

Don't worry! We've waded through the waffle and found the best gifts for travelers out there!


H20 Ninja Mask


Finally a snorkel that actually looks good and doesn't break the bank!

But don't worry they've not sacrificed any function for that form. The H20 Ninja mask boasts a 180° panoramic viewing window, a special valves that automatically close to prevent water leakage and even a mount for your GoPro! 

H20 Ninja's snorkel has been designed to make breathing underwater feel as natural as possible.

It's not often you receive a gift that's useful, looks cool and makes you want to do something. That's why we think the H20 Ninja Mask is such a cool gift for a traveler!




Well you know what they say, the simplest solution is always the best solution, that's why this T-Shirt from IconSpeak is so cool!

Essentially you've got 40 icons on a T-shirt you can use to communicate. It's the perfect gift for a traveler who is seeing a lot of countries in a short space of time. I mean, learning the local language is cool, but, it's not exactly practical when you have 10 to learn.

Well why not use the international language of icons?

I think we agree with the creators, we're not sure whether it's lazy or genius. Either way it's awesome enough to make a great gift for a traveler!


The Q Camera

The worlds first social camera!

We all agree that a camera is a must have travel accessory. I mean did it even happen without pictures? Finding the right camera can be tricky, though! Do you buy an expensive one and worry about it the whole trip? Do you buy a fairly cheap one, only for it to break down on you mid trip and you lose your pictures?

Founders, Joe, Brandon and Andrea felt the same way, that's why they designed the Q camera. A social camera that uploads your pictures on the spot. Apply filters and edit from the app and post to social media!

Now you're thinking, why can't I just use my phone? Well you could, but Q Camera offers some serious advantages over your smart phone camera.

24mm f/2.4 wide angle lens

Fully Waterproof

LED Ring powered Flash

and to be honest, it's a lot less likely to get stolen than your smart phone, so you can feel comfortable taking it out anywhere!

Giving someone the power to take awesome photos and create memories whilst they're out travelling the world seems like a pretty cool gift to me!


Lamzac: Inflatable travel seat


The places really worth visiting when traveling don't usually have seating.

It's not like you'd want to be sat down for all these moments, but we're only human. Feet get tired and sometimes you just want to relax. If you're not a fan of sitting on rocks or dirt then there's always the Lamzac inflatable seat from Fatboy *hint hint*.

Jokes aside, this thing is seriously easy to inflate and would definitely be an appreciated gift for any traveler out there!


GoPro Hero 6

In the last few years GoPro action cameras have become the staple for the more adventurous travelers out there.

There's never been a better time to capture your travels with video. GoPro pack a seriously impressive 4k camera in such a small piece of kit. It couldn't be easier, either. Point and shoot doesn't even do it justice, as the camera is more often than not attached to the user, all you have to do it shoot. 

why the GoPro is such a good gift for travelers? 

well, it's because you're not just giving them a camera, you're giving them a chance to capture the best time of their lives. When they look back at the footage in the years ahead, they'll remember who got them the camera. So yeah we think the GoPro is a pretty cool travel gift!


Kovered Backpack

Pohot source: Etsy / KOVEREDUK

Definitely a gift for the more fashion conscious travelers out there

This waxed canvas backpack is made from reclaimed materials, which gives it a really cool vintage look. 

A backpack is definitely the most essential item that any traveler is going to take with them. It therefor makes sense to get a stylish one, right? 

A backpack is one of those items we don't really treat ourselves with, which is why it makes such an appreciated gift.


Crystal Kayak

Okay okay, so this one is pretty niche. 

So this one was a little too awesome not to include. Only really for the those who have their own transport whilst travelling (plus have some extra cash!).

The problem with regular kayaks is you can barely see into the water without capsizing yourself and and unfortunate passengers you may have with you.

I don't think I need to explain why having a clear view of the water won't be a problem with Crystal Kayak.

If you want to outdo everyone else's gifts for a special occasion, then look no further (If you can afford it!). 


SnapChat Glasses


"Hey look, no hands!"

You're son or daughter has just broke the news to you. You're not cool. Ouch.

What do you do?

Step 1: Denial

Step 2: Buy a motorbike

Step 3: Return unused motorbike

Step 4: Prove them wrong by getting them a gift that they wont be expecting you to even know about.

Introducing Spectacles by Snap Inc.

Snap's Spectacles are probably the coolest PoV (Point of View) camera on the market right now. Being at eye level, they give a pretty unique shot. You shoot the video through the Spectacles, then transfer and upload through the Snapchat app on your smart phone.


Selk Bag - Walking Sleeping Bag


We're not sure if this is good or bad news for sleep walkers.

Admittedly,  a sleeping bag is a pretty strange gift. Although, technically this isn't a sleeping bag, it's a

But if you don't get it for them, who will? 

Imagine if there was an animal attack! I sure wouldn't want to be the poor guy furiously hopping away in my potato sack sleeping bag.

They do look pretty comfy though, right? I'd like it as a gift if I was travelling!


SlapSee Sunglasses

Travel in style with the SlapSee sunglasses - exclusive to Firebox!

A solution for those who manage to break every pair of sunglasses they get their hands on. These sunglasses were designed with travel in mind. Forget cases, they come with silicone coated spring arms, so they 'slap' around your wrist. 

They apparently have UV 400 grading, which block 100% of harmful rays.

It looks like they'll actually stay in during serious movement too. Oh yeah and of course they look good too!


Travel Journal

Anyone who's done any solo travelling will know it can get pretty lonely at times. Writing helps so much with that! At times, you've not got anyone to speak to, as no-one speaks your language, so writing is an awesome way to get your thoughts out.

Gift a pre-emptive solution to your traveler friend with this Old World Travel Journal.

Embossed and lined with gold foil, this travel journal doesn't mess around. It also comes with a fold-over panel that secures your writing with a magnet. Pretty cool eh.


Flack Sack: Bear Proof Anti-Theft Bag

Flack Sack 2.jpg

Before we get started, yes, this is actually BEAR PROOF. It has earned the IGBC Bear-Resistant Certification.

Who knew there is actually a committee that deals with these things?

So why did creator and CEO, Don create the Flack Sack? Well with ever great product, there's a great story!

Flack Sack Creator Don, was on vacation with his family in St. Croix, relaxing on the beach. When his family headed back to the hotel, Don left his belongings in his shoe, covered it up with a towel and went out to do a bit of extra swimming.

As he was about 100 meters out from shore, he looked back to see someone going through his belongings and walking away. By the time he got back, both the thief and his stuff was gone.

Don said, although it put a downer on his vacation he made sure it never happened again. 

After much research and development, the Flack Sack was created.

Peace of mind whilst travelling is important, knowing your belongings are safe. Flack Sack offers that peace of mind, whilst of course, looking good in the process!


Kindle E-Reader

kindle w1.jpg

Travelling, obviously means a lot of travel. Which means reading is a go to for many people. 

The Kindle solves such an obvious problem whilst travelling. You can carry one maybe two books at most. This of course isn't a problem withe Kindle, as you can store more books that is physically possible to read in one trip.

My Kindle was actually given to me as a gift, I was always one of those people who swore by paper books, but it did win me over!

If you are going to gift a Kindle, make sure to recommend:

The Catcher in the Rye

On The Road


In my opinion the best books to read whilst travelling!


Real Time Translating Earpieces

Boy meets girl

Boy cant speak to girl

Boy creates real time translating earpieces so he can speak to girl.

Something like that anyway.

These earpieces will allow to people to communicate whilst speaking different languages. They currently work for about 15 language but they're working on adding more by the day!

Andrew from Waverly Labs has raised over $4 million dollars on Kickstarter! Although, they're only releasing the pilot at the moment, they'll make a mean gift for anyone looking at travelling! 


The Light Phone

Some people like to tech up during their travels - others like to take it down a notch.

For those who like simplicity in their travels, The Light Phone offers the perfect way to disconnect whilst staying connected.

The Light Phone is used as a secondary phone, which uses the same number. It's small enough to fit in your wallet, but best of all, it gives you an excuse to properly switch off for a while and enjoy the moment.


Chilly's Bottles

Chilly Bottle 1.jpg

It's amazing just how many water bottle's leak water everywhere. It's the last thing you want to happen whilst out travelling. Not only do you not have any water left, you're only belongings are soaked through.

So a decent water bottle is obviously a good investment.