10 Things to Consider Before Buying Any Gift

A man looking at work notes on the wall

1. What is going on in their lives?

Do they have anything going on in their life that you could get a gift for? Perhaps they're moving house,  going travelling or about to start university? Topical gift ideas show that you take an interest in their life and care! 

2. Make a list of their interests

Everyone has an interest of some sort! A gift themed around their interests ensure that they'll actually like the gift you're getting them! Is there something they've had their eye on for a while? Maybe they're Game of Thrones obsessed, love to cook or are into their coffee a bit too much! What do they spend their spare time doing? 

Once you've got an interest you'd like to theme a gift around, do a bit of research. Let's say they're really into their running. You could Google 'best running inventions' for example and see what comes up.

3. Can you theme it around a shared experience?

Personal gifts are often the best, one that wouldn't make sense for you to get anyone else, just that one person. Think what experiences the two of you have had in the past and if there's anything associated with it you could get them. Maybe a vintage music poster of a band you both went to see live, or a book from an author you both love? This one definitely requires a bit more thought, but the payoff will be worth it! 

4. Are they to type of person you could give a digital gift to?

With more and more people being regularly connected to the internet and even having a device on them at all times, digital gifts are taking off more and more. For example, Masterclass.com offers a feature that allows you to gift one of their classes to a friend. Gordon Ramsey has a masterclass on cookingHans Zimmer has a masterclass on teaching how to score a film, and there's loads more! 

5. Does the person need anything?

Necessity presents aren't always the most glamorous but they're definitely appreciated! A gift card for a hardware store when you've just moved into a new flat, for example, can go a long way! It's sometimes easier letting the person buy their own gift.  

6. Could you gift a day out or experience?

Experiences are valued more in the long term. So maybe a day out is something to be considered. Anything from track car days to paint balling can go down a treat.   

7. Are there multiple small gifts you could get?

It's sometimes hard to get that one gift that will blow them away and often the best gifts are really inexpensive, but you don't want to across as cheap.  So perhaps you could consider making a hamper of small gifts all bundled together. It also gives you an excuse to get creative will how you put them together.

8. Can you make an experience in how you give them the gift?

We're not saying you have to make a full blown treasure hunt for them to figure out but their are plenty of chances to get creative in how you give them the gift! You could hide the present inside a another on-the-surface boring present and then have them find the real gift inside. Or even hide the present in their room or house, for them to find to stumble upon it on their own!

9. What type of person are they?

Not everyone is the same, some people are more to the point and practical, whereas others could be more sentimental. Figure out what type of person your recipient is. It will help you figure out what is the right gift and what isn't. For the sentimental type, custom photo albums or frames may be the way to go. However for the practical no-fuss types, maybe they want a new drill for their home renovations.

10. Decide on a budget

As you've no doubt noticed, there are a lot of gift websites out there, many of them full of irrelevant products! So any criteria you can narrow down the range of products is helpful. Price, of course, is one of these. Many sites let you search based on price, so decide what you're willing to spend and search within that criteria.